About Us

Our History

The VM Group has long been committed to meeting the needs of ordinary Jamaicans who wish to become financially independent. The VM Group has exemplified its commitment to the development of the Jamaican people through its philanthropic work in the community since its inception.
The VM Foundation is an extension of the VM Group’s passion for serving Jamaicans across the globe and is the official arm of the group’s efforts to see Jamaicans succeed in every aspect of life.

Aligned with VM Group’s priority of becoming a Model Corporate Citizen, the VM Foundation was officially launched on May 8, 2018, as the vehicle through which VM will continue to positively transform the lives of Jamaicans globally.

Our focus

The VM Foundation’s work is focused on improving the welfare of Jamaicans through leadership and nation-building, youth empowerment and health and family programmes.

Our funding

We are funded by our Members and people like you who wish to see Jamaicans successfully take their rightful place in the world. We are independent of any political ideology and believe that no situation is beyond hope.