Youth Empowerment

The VM Foundation supports youth development by providing opportunities that will empower our young people to make bold moves towards living a successful life.

VM Foundation Scholars

For over 30 years the VM Group has given significant support to over 1,600 students at all educational levels because we believe that a truly independent society is an educated one. We consider it an honour to be able to reward our best and brightest youth Members for their progressive achievements.

Established in high schools across the island, the programme aims to increase student knowledge of social innovation and entrepreneurship while developing core skills for learning life and work.
As part of the country’s 2020 National Education Week, the VM Foundation launched a reading and writing competition to encourage reading habits, to spark creativity and provide positive engagement.
The VM Foundation believes that coaching is more than instruction. A key component of the development programme is to help coaches understand the tenets of youth development including goal setting, fiscal prudence, and team building skills.