Social Enterprise in Secondary Schools Programme

Over the past three years, the VM Foundation has proudly partnered with the British Council to empower teenagers in the Social Enterprise in Secondary Schools (SESS-J) Programmes. Established in high schools across the island, the programme aims to increase student knowledge of social innovation and entrepreneurship while developing core skills for learning life and work.

SESS-J has impacted students and teachers across the island through social awareness activities, club activities, training, project activities, social media and publication engagement.

Secondary Schools across the island were selected to participate in the pilot programme which aimed to increase students’ knowledge of social innovation and entrepreneurship. Using the British Council’s Social Enterprise in Schools Resource Pack, which also incorporates the British Council core skills, it is expected that this programme will help to address the gap in global skills development which is critical to meeting the needs of students in the 21st century in a globalised economy.

In addition to the six core skills – critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration and communication, creativity and imagination, citizenship, digital literacy, and student leadership – the programme will also include financial literacy as the 7th core skill.