Pauleen Pamela Reid


Mrs Pauleen Pamela Reid, Principal at the Holland High School is an extraordinary educator who has served the nation for over 30 years. Mrs Reid is a graduate of the Shortwood Teacher’s College, The University of the West Indies and Central Connecticut State University. She is a member of the Executive Principal’s League and was hailed as the Gleaner Woman of the Year in 2002 for her work with youth. Mrs Reid was also selected as the Lasco Principal of the Year, 2010-2011.

As a committed Christian, Mrs Reid who is a Mission Chair and Deacon in the Baptist Church believes in being a steward in her community and work life. She currently serves as the Public Relations Officer at the Women’s Centre in Westmoreland and has taught expatriates English at the Language Training Centre in Kingston.

In her work life, Mrs Reid serves as the Chairman of the Professional Development Committee of The Association of Principal and Vice Principals, of which she is a Past President. She is also a member of the board of the National College for Educational Leadership (NCEL).

Mrs Reid is married with two adult children.