Child Resiliency Programme

The Child Resiliency Programme (CRP) is an initiative that the VM Foundation supports through the Violence Prevention Alliance. Implemented in October 2020, the programme targets children ages 9-11 who are identified as having Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and are ‘at risk’ for violence, abuse, trauma and neglect. Each CRP operates out of a school, church or community centre as an after-school programme that supports 60 children as part of its Community-based model and 25 children as part of its In-school model.

Programme Offering

The programme, through its interventions, provides support in the form of holistic development of the child by offering academic support, life skills training, parenting and family support, nutrition support among many other services. The developmental process for each CRP across the island includes children who are referred from at least six schools. The parents and caregivers of the participants are also engaged in monthly workshops that include family counselling.